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HMCASS - Head-Mounted Credibility Assessment Screening System

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The HMCASS is a compact, automated screening tool that determines the credibility of an individual using a state of the art pupillary sensor contained in an adjustable goggle device. Electrodermal activity (EDA) and heartbeat are also monitored for greater confidence. Custom software collects and processes physiological data, while a credibility algorithm computes a numeric score that indicates the subject’s veracity during questioning.

The HMCASS is durable, quick to setup, and fits in a single transit case. The interface is intuitive to the operator, providing improved performance and is suitable for use in a wide range of environments without the need for highly skilled operators.

The HMCASS was developed for personnel in the U.S. military, Law Enforcement, and the Intelligence Community that have need of a portable, screening credibility assessment system. The system is a product jointly developed by senior U.S. Government scientists and senior Azimuth engineers.

System Features
• Rugged head mounted Goggles with Processing Unit
• Collect Pupil, PPG, EDA through Goggles
• Data collection performed during Interview
• Log all data to ASCII in real-time
• Algorithm that analyzes data and produces a quantitative output
• Does not require a highly trained operator and serves as a screening tool

System Specs
• Rugged Tablet Computer IP-67 rated
• Custom Goggles with PPG and EDA sensor inputs
• Custom Interface & Power Unit
• EDA sensors
• PPG sensors
• Rugged Transit Case

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