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A tool for maritime interdiction. Defined and tested on the water, this navigation aid combines traditional “Maneuvering Board” functions with a highly-capable target-tracker.

Driving directions are presented to the coxswain in a simple, easily understood, heads-up display. Targetmaster® controls are tailored to suit the environment.

Targetmaster® combines open-architecture interfaces, embedded firmware, ruggedized hardware and COTS navigational sensors to provide a flexible, scalable solution. The system can be deployed from stand-alone to fully integrated glass-helm configurations. "Future proofing" through industry-standard interfaces allows access to state-of-the-art COTS sensor technology.

Engaging a target is accomplished in three simple steps:
  • Acquire: with your existing COTS ARPA, AIS targets or manually entered parameters
  • Track: with the integrated tracker that generates realtime navigation solutions
  • Intercept: using operator selected parameters, automatically validated against craft performance and/or current conditions

Features and Benefits
  • NMEA 2000, Mil-STD-810F, IP67
  • improves intercept precision through continuous updates
  • increases mission flexibility by simultaneously tracking multiple targets
  • reduces operator workload and enhances situational awareness by automating target dead-reckoning, track updates and projections
  • accelerates precise, performance-validated intercept calculations
  • increases force agility and responsiveness
  • enhances navigator-to-helmsman communication through simple graphical representation of steering cues and lead/lag of the boat and NVIS compatible HMI
  • minimal training required reduces costs
  • reduces fielding costs by using existing COTS chartplotters and sensors (Furuno, Garmin, etc.)
  • integrated advanced MOB, image-annotation and meta-data logging capabilities enhance mission scope and capability (option)

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