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GIS / Infrastructure Analysis

When you are looking for a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solution, Azimuth has extensive experience using the latest software and applications to create, analyze, and publish maps and GIS. Our analysts have worked with numerous geospatial applications and analyzed satellite and other aerial imagery. Our teams see beyond the data by combining this imagery with geo-referenced information about a place to identify patterns and relationships that would otherwise go undetected.

Our team engineers and produces visually appealing mapping products, specializing in large format presentation maps, scalable operational maps, web-based interactive mapping applications, GeoPDFs, and digital imagery.

For More Information: Azimuth GIS Capabilities Brochure


  • Site Suitability Studies
  • Terrain Analysis (utilizing DEMS, LiDAR, and other elevation data)
  • Network Analysis
  • Critical Infrastructure/Key Resources (CIKR) analyses, data creation and collection, and geodatabase creation.

Software Solutions

  • ESRI ArcGIS for Server
  • ESRI ArcGIS Viewer for Adobe Flex
  • Google Earth
  • ENVI

Dept Homeland Security

DHS Workshop Background Packages Support

Azimuth’s GIS & Mapping Group, in conjunction with our Intelligence Group, created a comprehensive background packages for various cities of interest in support of a DHS-sponsored series of municipal jurisdictions table-top exercises. Azimuth’s background packages provided the DHS analysts an overview of a city where a scenario project meeting and workshop would be held.

Customized, secure web mapping applications were created by Azimuth for the DHS allowing their own analysts to identify features geographically. The web map interface gave the analysts a portable method to create their own map views on the fly, allowing workshop discussions to evolve naturally without the need for scripting. Included with Azimuth’s custom web maps are tools tailored for the DHS’s need: identify tool, draw tool, measuring tool, bookmarks, and customizable distance buffer rings. The web maps have road, terrain, and imagery base map options to meet all display needs.

Each package contains a number of resources:

Critical Infrastructure (CI) Information
Including an analysis of what CI would be affected by small through large scale catastrophic events

Area Assessments
Including a Threat Assessment and current environmental and cultural status

GIS Produced Mapping
Custom maps displaying infrastructure, road networks, and detailed views of areas of concern


West Virginia National Guard Irregular Warfare Dynamic Scenario Training Support

Azimuth’s GIS & Mapping Group has worked with the West Virginia National Guard to create an Irregular Warfare Dynamic Scenario Training Exercise. Azimuth has generated hundreds of maps using a geodatabase created and maintained in-house, much of the data therein collected and prepared by Azimuth’s GIS analysts.

Specialty maps created by Azimuth for this project include:

  • Wall maps
  • Presentation maps
  • Large format operational maps
  • Red-light readable maps
  • Map books
  • In-house generated topographical maps
  • GeoPDFs
  • Ruggedized field map binders
  • Web maps

Azimuth’s GIS team also uses Terrain Analysis, Network Analysis, and Imagery Analysis to conduct Site Suitability Studies, saving the client valuable time on the ground.

Using a work process that includes a constant feedback loop from our partners, Azimuth has been able to create and control a comprehensive and scalable clearing house of data collected and generated by Azimuth and the West Virginia National Guard.